Captcha Algorithm Suxx

Man, this algorithm really sucks. I just tried using a site that had this form. Basically, it has you enter in two words that are badly handwritten. One of the two words is usually a nonsense word, which makes it very difficult to figure out. There’s a refresh option that allows you to request two new words. I ended up clicking on refresh about 10 times before I found a pair of “words” that I was 95% sure that I could get right.

This is freaking idiotic. I know the algorithm is designed to rule out machine generated input, but if it rules out 90-95% of human generated input, it’s a massive FAIL.

Again, if the two captcha words were always guaranteed to be fairly common English words, it would not be as much of a problem.  But my experience with Captcha is that one of the words is usually gobbley-gook, which makes it very difficult to get right.