Could neonicotinoids be a major causative factor in the decline of ladybugs ?,0,2008724.story

Well, it looks like, in addition to honeybees, ladybugs are also in decline. 

Recent studies have shown a link between neonicontinoids and the colony collapse disorder of honeybees. It’s not much of a stretch to hypothesize that neonicotinoids, which were engineered to kill certain insects, might have an adverse effect on most insects..

I think historians in the future will look at our time and wonder why there has been such a dearth of common sense when it came to neonicontinoids. I am reminded of the Forrest Gump quote, “Stupid is as stupid does..” (sigh).



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  1. Wendy
    Mar 17, 2015 @ 16:56:45

    Although I agree with you about neonicotinoids, I’m pretty sure the lady bugs have all migrated to the Ottawa valley. Especially INSIDE our cottage near Alfred Ontario!
    Perhaps we have lower levels of neonicotinoids in the area because I have never in my almost 50 years seen so many lady bugs. More in 2013 than in 2014 though. 🙂


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